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Citing Sources

Anytime you are using research as part of an assignment, no matter how big or small that assignment might be, you need to cite your sources. This page has a few helpful reminders. 

When creating citations, please use the online citation generator, NoodleTools. Click here for more information (or click on the "Research" tab at the top of our website)


Supports your claims and helps readers understand your viewpoints.

Shows readers how you arrived at your position on issues.

Gives credit to the authors whose works you use.

Allows readers to check sources if they have any questions.

Allows readers to check your sources if they have any questions

Helps readers find other works on the same topic. 

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The failure to cite properly, whether intentional or not, is plagiarism

Cite when:

Paraphrasing someone else's idea/work

Quoting exact words from a source

Cite when including:

Images- this includes memes, photographs, infographics, etc

Media-this includes videos, recordings, interviews, podcasts, etc

Summarizing someone else's idea/work

Numerical data that was not created by you

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Check with your teacher to determine which citation style you should use.        Click on the style for more information.




Parenthetical/In-Text citation gives credit to a source within your paper, usually noted by parenthesis. This will differ depending on the style being used (MLA/APA/Chicago) and will correspond to sources on your Works Cited/References page.

Works Cited (MLA)or References (APA) is a formatted list of all sources used in your paper, located at the end of your writing.

Annotated Bibliography is a formatted list of all sources found while conducting research. It is formatted similarly to a Works Cited/References page with the addition of a short summary of each resource. There is a possibility that not all sources will be used in your final product. 

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