Lunch in the Library- 2nd Semester Procedures



Beginning Friday, 1/22, you need to decide where you will eat lunch every day for the rest of the semester.  You will officially claim your table/seat* on that day.  Because spots will be reserved, there is no need to sign up for a daily lunch pass.


(* “comfy chairs” may not be reserved; they are first-come, first-served)


When you reserve a spot in the library for lunch, you are agreeing to thoroughly clean the area where you sat. Sanitizing spray, wipes, and paper towels are located at lots of spots throughout the library. You are also agreeing to properly dispose of all of your trash. No custodians come in to clean the library between lunches so we’re counting on you to keep the library clean and germ-free.


If you only need to be in the library for lunch occasionally (to print, study, get away from it all, etc.), you are still welcome! Check-in with one of the librarians and she'll help you find a place to sit.

Thank you!


We love our students and we work really hard to try to the meet the needs of everyone. Remember, the library is open to all before or after school- no pass required!