Lunch in the Library



“Where am I gonna eat lunch this year?” In normal times, this question only applies to which table you’ll choose and who you will sit with; however, in COVID times, it also means you get to decide on a location within the building where you want to hang out during your lunchtime.  Your choices are the Commons, the Auditorium Lobby, the Auditorium itself, and the Library.


Which should you choose? 

  • Choose the Commons if you want a fun, boisterous environment with either a small or large number of friends. 

  • Choose the Auditorium Lobby if you want the freedom to talk loudly with either a small or large number of friends in a smaller environment. 

  • Choose the Auditorium itself if you want silence, solitude, and the ultimate in social distancing. 

  • Choose the library if you want a chill, low-key environment where you can either enjoy time to yourself or time with a small group of friends.


The first week of school, you will have the opportunity to decide where you want to eat lunch. By the end of the week, you will commit to that spot for the year for the purposes of contact tracing. 


Here’s what you need to know about committing to the Library as your lunch spot for the year:

  • Every table in the library has a number and a reservation sheet. You will write your name under the appropriate lunch shift when directed to do so by a librarian. This will be your table every, single day. If ever you find someone else sitting at your table, please let a librarian know immediately. Do not sit in a different place.

  • Only tables are able to be reserved. “Comfy chairs” are first-come, first-served.

  • Custodians do not clean the library tables at the end of every lunch, that will be your job. When you reserve a spot in the library for lunch, you are agreeing to thoroughly clean your area. Sanitizing spray, wipes, and paper towels are located at lots of spots throughout the library. You are also agreeing to properly dispose of all of your trash.

  • Chairs may not be moved to other tables. Most tables in the library seat a maximum of 4 students. We have three tables that seat 6, one table that seats 5, and 9 study carrels that seat individual students.

  • Although we are not a “quiet library,” the room is not designed to handle a lot of noise. In addition to students using the library for lunch, we’ll also have some students using the library for quiet reading or studying. For these reasons, we need students to use those “inside voices” when eating lunch in the library.  

If you decide to eat lunch in an area other than the library but you find yourself needing to use the library (to print, work with a partner, need a space to get some homework done, etc.), you are welcome to do that! Please check in with a librarian who will find you a place to sit/work.


We love our students and we work really hard to try to the meet the needs of everyone. Remember, the library is open to all before or after school- no pass required!