pick up required petition in the library or Commons bulletin board

Responsibilities of a Junior Class Officer:

Decide on Prom details:

  • Theme

  • Colors

  • M&Ms (color/saying)

  • Decorations

  • Food

  • Royalty – tiaras & scepter

  • Song

  • Gift (party favor)

Prom night responsibilities:

  • Buy ticket (at discount) / Attend

  • Assist with Prom Court presentation

Attend weekly Friday meetings (beginning second semester)

Plan/advertise Cinderella Project dress collection (if Refresh is accepting donations)

Plan a Prom Announcement Day

Sell tickets at lunch during ticket sales week

Operation Takeover t-shirt contest and t-shirt distribution


Please note that the following Prom decisions have already been made:

  • Location

  • Date

  • DJ

  • Photographer